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When you're too ill to wait for a doctor's appointment, but not enough for the emergency room, Twin Oaks Urgent Care fits your medical needs perfectly. We know that accidents and illness don't happen on a convenient schedule. That's why we're open after school and work, along with Saturday and Sunday. Our clinic offers a wide variety of medical care, from minor emergencies to preventative family health care.

Finding Medical Care in Friendswood, Texas

If you're suffering from an illness or injury, the fastest way to get relief is by visiting our clinic. We treat a number of emergency and non-emergency problems such as:

  • Allergies and their symptoms
  • Sore throat from strep or other causes
  • Cold or flu
  • Asthma, bronchitis or other breathing problems
  • Sprains or other sports injuries

If your school or workplace requires physical exams, we're happy to give you a thorough checkup. Our examination will include all necessary blood work, blood pressure checks, and even checks for high cholesterol and other indicators of poor health.

Pediatric Care

Every parent knows that children need medical care much more often than adults. Their bodies aren't as resistant to germs as adult bodies are. We're happy to see young patients of any age at Twin Oaks Urgent Care, Our fun and cheerful children's area will keep children happy while they wait to see our doctor. They’re sure to receive kind and patient care once they meet our Friendswood doctor. We understand that children aren't at their best when they're sick or injured; we do all we can to have your little one back to being cheerful and healthy as soon as possible.

All children need regular medical care throughout their growing years, to check on their physical well-being and to make sure they receive all the vaccinations they need to keep them healthy. We offer all necessary vaccinations for children through their entire school career.

Lab Testing

Unlike most doctors’ offices, we do our own lab testing here on the premises. That means that you'll get results of important tests such as cholesterol screening and medication levels right away, instead of waiting days for an outsourced laboratory to find and report the results. Our testing process for blood chemistry, infections, and blood sugar levels are assured to give you quick results. That means you can discuss your treatment options with our doctor right away, getting you back on the road to wellness much faster than anywhere else.

Sometimes lab work is the best tool for general health care on wellness checkups. We do cholesterol and blood pressure screenings just to make sure there aren't any lifestyle changes you should be making. We also offer diabetes screening to determine whether you need further treatment and lifestyle changes to affect and control your blood sugar.

Visit Our Friendswood Urgent Care Center

When you or a family member is sick or injured, our caring team is ready to help you to feel better. For more information or instructions on health care before bringing a patient to our clinic, call our office at 832-569-4390.

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Read What Our Clients Say

  • "Absolutely no wait. I loved the doctor. She was very professional and also called in my prescriptions so they would be ready for me quickly. The staff is very nice and efficient. They even stayed a little late to fit me in because the RediClinic at HEB wouldn't fit me in. I sat at the RediClinic for 20 minutes trying to find somewhere else to go while the nurse practitioner there sat on the computer alone, not seeing a patient. That was actually a huge blessing. My copay is more to go here, but it was worth EVERY penny!"
    Troy Barringer
  • "Nice place . Glad they are open on Sunday"
    Patricia Ann Wood Ragan