Pediatric Urgent Care

If you are a parent, you know how difficult it can be to watch your child suffer, especially if you don’t know what’s wrong with them or if they’ve had an accident that has caused serious injury. If you need help getting your child back to full health, don’t wait any longer. Come to Twin Oaks Urgent Care right away. We’ll help assess your child’s condition and recommend a course of treatment to get them feeling better right away.

pediatric urgent care in Friendswood, TX

Our Professional Twin Oaks Urgent Care and Walk in Clinic Can Help You

At our urgent care facility and walk in clinic, we don’t make you wait for an appointment or keep you out in the waiting room for extended periods of time. Instead, our goal is always to get you in and out as quickly as possible so you feel safe and secure knowing your child is being taken care of to the best of our ability … and yours. Here at Twin Oaks, our goal is always to make you feel as though you’ve come to the right place.

If you need urgent care services or are looking for a walk in clinic to help you care for a child who is sick, has had an accident or isn’t healing from an injury properly, come to us. We’ll see you right away and start looking for solutions to help your child feel better immediately and in the long run.

Know Where to Go in an Emergency

When emergency strikes, you’re never prepared. Instead, it always seems to happen at the worst moments, and is even scarier for the fact that it was unexpected. If you have had an emergency with your child, don’t wait to come see a professional and get them back to good health immediately. We help with a wide range of emergencies, such as breathing difficulties from allergies or a reaction, sprains and sports injuries, lab testing to determine what might be wrong, and more.

No matter what your child is suffering from, we will not stop working until we’ve found the problem and feel as though we can treat it successfully. Here at Twin Oaks, you’re like family, and we’ll treat you that way.

Come Visit a Pediatric Urgent Care You Can Trust

Our pediatric urgent care facility allows you to see a medical doctor and talk with our professional staff for advice immediately, without an appointment and without the long wait in crowded emergency rooms. Twin Oaks Urgent Care is located in Friendswood, TX at the following address:

1111 S Friendswood Dr. #105

Friendswood, TX 77546

If you need emergency services, or want to see a medical professional right away about a problem with your child’s health, don’t wait any longer to come to our pediatric urgent care center. Call Twin Oaks Urgent Care at (832) 569-4390 or just come in to see us. We’ll get your child comfortable, stabilized and taken care of right away, so you and your family can go back to life as you know it. That’s our goal and our promise, every time.


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Read What Our Clients Say

  • "Absolutely no wait. I loved the doctor. She was very professional and also called in my prescriptions so they would be ready for me quickly. The staff is very nice and efficient. They even stayed a little late to fit me in because the RediClinic at HEB wouldn't fit me in. I sat at the RediClinic for 20 minutes trying to find somewhere else to go while the nurse practitioner there sat on the computer alone, not seeing a patient. That was actually a huge blessing. My copay is more to go here, but it was worth EVERY penny!"
    Troy Barringer
  • "Nice place . Glad they are open on Sunday"
    Patricia Ann Wood Ragan