Treatment for Lacerations

Cuts or lacerations that go deep below the surface of your skin require prompt medical attention in order to heal properly. These can happen due to accidents involving a sharp object or from car accidents, especially when glass windows are broken. While minor cuts can usually be treated at home, a laceration might need additional care that should be provided by a healthcare professional. At Twin Oaks, we offer urgent care in Friendswood that includes fast, reliable treatment for a laceration or deep cut. 


Our Friendswood Doctors Explain the Risks of Lacerations

These types of cuts can bleed profusely, which puts you at risk of serious blood loss. The amount of blood you lose from a laceration depends on where it happens and how deep it is. These deep cuts can also increase your risk of infection, which requires treatment with antibiotics. Bacteria can get inside cuts and cause redness and swelling. When infections from a cut are left untreated, they can spread to other parts of the body and raise your risk of serious complications that require hospitalization. Some lacerations can also cause damage to muscles, nerves, ligaments or other soft tissue, which means you will need additional medical care. 

Laceration Treatment Methods

Treating a laceration depends on where it is located and how severe it is. A minor laceration can typically be treated with a few staples to keep the wound closed while it heals. For a deeper cut, stitches might be needed for proper healing. Stitches that dissolve are sometimes used inside deep wounds, while sutures are used on the skin around the wound to hold it closed. Dissolvable stitches are designed to go away on their own, but sutures and staples have to be removed by a medical professional. Your doctor might prescribe an antibiotic if there is a chance that infection has occurred. You might also be asked to put an anti-bacterial ointment on and around the laceration to protect it from germs as it heals. 

At Twin Oaks Urgent Care, we know how critical it is to examine and treat a laceration or deep cut as soon as possible. Our medical team will clean the wound and check for signs of infection. We will also evaluate the severity of the wound in order to assess whether staples, stitches or sutures are needed and provide you with advice on reducing the risk of scarring. Keep in mind that the sooner you have a laceration treated so it can heal properly, the lower the risk of a permanent scar is. 

Visit Our Friendswood Urgent Care Facility for Cuts

If you have cuts or lacerations, please come to our Friendswood urgent care facility. At Twin Oaks Urgent Care, we can provide you with prompt treatment to lower the risk of infection, scarring, and other complications. Keep in mind that we are open seven days a week. Contact us to let us know you are on your way!


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