Accidental Injuries

5 Types of Accidental Injuries Requiring Urgent Care Services in Friendswood, TX

Minor accidental injuries may leave the injured party and onlookers unsure about the best way to seek medical treatment. Although all injuries can be treated at a local hospital, that trip is nearly always costly and time consuming. Luckily, patients can actually seek an injury evaluation and treatment at a local urgent care center to recover from the damage without complications.


man with burn to hand in Friendswood, TX Blunt force trauma to the head often requires a quick checkup to rule out complications related to a brain bleed or other serious condition. In most cases, the trauma just causes a simple concussion that requires rest and observation by a loved one. Urgent care center practitioners can determine if the patient is safe to go home and recover or if a trip to the hospital is warranted.


A fall or other sudden hit can pop the bone out of the joint, causing an instant dislocation. The patient may experience an incredible amount of pain until the joint is popped back in place. Urgent care physicians can restore the joint placement and function in the office with a few precise movements. The pain and discomfort from dislocations tend to immediately disappear after the procedure is complete.


Simple fractures of small bones require a cast to hold the fragments in place throughout the healing process. Continued movement of the fractured section causes pain to skyrocket and inhibits proper healing of the bone. At the urgent care center, physicians can take an x-ray and set the bone in very little time. Afterward, the patient will be able to return home with medication to control the pain.


A deep or wide cut requires at least a few stitches to facilitate the healing process. Otherwise, infection may set in as the internal tissues pick up bacteria from the environment. Urgent care doctors use traditional, butterfly or adhesive stitches to close up the wound and keep bacteria from infiltrating the exposed tissues. The stitches tend to reduce pain and minimize scarring as well.


Burns often require an evaluation by a physician to rate their severity and jumpstart the healing process. The burn may need to be cleaned out and bandaged to keep the tissue from developing an infection. Urgent care physicians have the tools and ability required to help burnt tissue heal in a timely manner. If needed, patients can return to the urgent care center to have their bandages replaced throughout the healing process.

Seeking Urgent Care in Friendswood, TX

When patients end up with any injuries like the ones listed above, they can receive care right away at Twin Oaks Urgent Care in Friendswood, TX. The practitioners at this office are available to diagnose and treat most minor injuries. The initial assessment helps identify injuries that require onsite care and those that require treatment at a local hospital. Most patients who arrive at the urgent care center receive care without having to set foot in a hospital setting. Contact us today at (832) 569-4390.


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