Pregnancy Testing

Pregnancy is a time of change for a woman and a family. It impacts your life in unexpected ways and the symptoms of pregnancy are not always obvious. When you have concerns about a potential pregnancy or you want to verify information after an inconclusive home test in Friendswood, Texas, we offer solutions to help with your goals.

Early Symptoms of Pregnancy

When you visit Twin Oaks Urgent Care for a test or treatment, we may ask about pregnancy or any symptoms associated with pregnancy. If you are not sure about the potential for an early pregnancy, then we may provide a pregnancy test.

The early signs of a pregnancy include:

  • A general feeling of tiredness or fatigue without clear reasons
  • Tenderness in the breasts
  • Nausea or vomiting
  • Sudden aversions or cravings for certain food items

In most cases, you will notice the nausea or the tenderness in your chest before you notice other symptoms. You may also notice an aversion to certain foods at an early stage of pregnancy, such as a lack of interest in a favorite food or drink, but it may also take a few weeks before you notice other changes. We may suggest pregnancy testing if you have any concerns about a pregnancy or you show signs of several early symptoms.

What is Pregnancy Testing?

In an urgent care facility, pregnancy testing is usually an emergency test provided when you have concerns about a failed form of birth control or due to unforeseen complications. We provide a simple test to check for human chorionic gonadotropin, or hCG, within 10 days to two weeks after a sexual encounter.

Since the test provides positive or negative results within two weeks after a pregnancy, you may not notice a late period or changes to your menstrual cycle before the test offers results. The testing process is similar to a home pregnancy test because it uses urine. We provide a specimen cup and the use the collection well and test strips to identify positive or negative results. It only takes three to five minutes for the test results.

When to Get a Test

Determining when to obtain a test for pregnancy depends on your situation. As a general rule, we recommend visiting Twin Oaks Urgent Care for a test roughly 10 days to two weeks after a sexual encounter that may result in pregnancy. For example, if you have concerns about failed birth control due to a condom breaking or taking a medication that may interfere with birth control pills, then you may want to consider a test. We also recommend a test in an emergency and traumatic situation when you have any questions about the possibility of a pregnancy.

Visit Our Urgent Care Clinic in Friendswood, Texas

Early detection of a pregnancy helps you maintain your health and protect the health of your unborn child. Since you can find out a positive or negative result within two weeks of a potential pregnancy, we suggest testing whenever you have questions about the possibility or show early signs of pregnancy after a situation that may result in pregnancy. To learn more about your options or the testing process, contact our Friendswood, Texas office today at (832) 569-4390.


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